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Interact with the locals, have a cup of coffee in a township house or drink traditional beer with the locals.

Ndibano Tours is known for their personal walking Township Tours around the community of Langa. Langa is the oldest black township in South Africa and is also the closest to Cape Town. Its a proven safe and friendly tourist destination. Its a highly unique experience, totally different from any other experience in Cape Town.

Walk with Odwa, our SATA accredited tour guide through his home community and experience the vibrance and life to be found in a South African township. When you do a township tour in Cape Town, you will experience a whole different side of Cape Town. The beauty of a township is in the people. We do a walking tour, which provides opportunity for you to interact with the people you meet.

  • Meet the Local people
  • Visit Guga Sithebe Cultural Centre and the Langa Museum
  • Visit homes In the old single sex hostels.
  • Visit the shebeens in the 'informal settlement' at the back of Langa.

Why a Township tour?

A Cape Town township tour is a different experience to visiting the spectacular beauty of Cape Town. Here the beauty is not in the mountains, scenery or plants, the beauty is in the people. Here on our township tour you will meet up with people, who have struggled and overcome. For decades, South Africa has been extremely segregated owing to its apartheid policies. We have some of the greatest separations between the rich and the poor anywhere in the world. By understanding the struggles of the past, seeing how people make the most of difficult situations, and talking with the people face to face you will come home with a whole new feel of South Africa.

How we run a Township tour in Cape Town?

The aim of a township tour is to enable you to experience South Africa like the majority of South Africans experience South Africa. For this reason we include in our normal tour, a taxi drive (in a so called black taxi) from Cape Town to the township of Langa (approximately 10 minutes). Before you climb into a taxi, we will brief you in what to expect from the taxi drive. On arrival in Langa, we set out on foot to explore a wonderful community. Many have expressed to us that being on foot is a more real and immersive experience then driving from one location to another. Here you will interact with the people as they go about their daily lives, you will visit homes and experience a variety of lifestyles and will come back with an experience that you will never forget.


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Client Comments

Daniel, Amsterdam

I really enjoyed my visit to Langa so much and want to come back for sure. It was great to get to know you guys and your family, neighbours

Linda, Dublin, Ireland

Just wanted to thank you sooo sooo much for the tour today, you were fantastic and it was so great that I managed to have the tour all to myself!

Mike, England

My wife Jen and I both enjoyed meeting you and learning about Langa. You and Langa have made a lasting impression on us!


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